Launches YouTube Video Series: Test It | The What, Why, and Results of A/B Testing

DES PLAINES, IL - has launched a series of YouTube videos on A/B testing, in which Corte Swearingen, Director of Testing and Optimization, explains what A/B testing is and the benefits of this process.

The A/B testing videos are broken into 4 parts, What is Split Testing?, Increasing Sales Leads, Growing Revenue, and Radical Redesigns. The first video is designed to give a concise and easy overview of split testing. In this video, Corte explains how the process of split testing is similar to the basic scientific method, which starts with asking a question; the question should be as simple as, how can we get more people to click the "Request a Demo" button. Next, a hypothesis is created, for example, By changing the text and color we expect to get more clicks per visitor. Following this an experiment is conducted; this experiment involves allowing a portion of website traffic to access the original version of the site, and diverting a portion to the version with the test alterations. The results are then analyzed and a conclusion is formed; the example mentioned here resulted in a 96.3% improvement in conversion rate. You can find the videos in the "Test It Playlist" at

Corte has worked at for 3 years and has over 25 years of strategic marketing experience. Prior to this, he worked in the field of science as a particle physicist. Corte explained how he came up with the idea for an A/B Testing Department:

"I saw that there were many companies out there that were spending large portions of their marketing budget driving more people to their site, but in many cases, they were driving people to a site that wasn't performing very well. I saw a need to help clients get more value out of the traffic they were already getting. In every case of A/B testing we've conducted we've been able to quickly help businesses make more money and improve their lead generation."

"I made these videos because I wanted to give people a quick, visual way to better understand the art and science of split testing. I also wanted to share some of the great results we get on a regular basis through our program." is an industry leader, and has performed successful A/B tests for a wide range of clients, including WeatherTech, Dale Carnegie, Caswell-Massey, Consumers Credit Union, Wisdom Panel and the Joint Commission. is currently offering a free split test to enquiring customers, from concept to completion. To learn more, visit the following URL

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